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What Services Do Uplands Legal Law Firms Provide?

When it comes to providing legal help and solutions, Uplands Legal is the name that tops the list! We are the top law firm in Vishakhapatnam with years of experience and updated knowledge about our law system and can assist in criminal cases, family disputes and matters pertaining to civil law and appeals.

How Our Best Lawyers in Vizag Help You with Your Legal Issues?

We have the best lawyer in Vizag to help you out with matters relating to these cases:
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Family cases come under the broader term of a civil case, but they involve spouses, parents and children. Our best family lawyers have successfully settled family issues such as marriage dissolution, parents’ custody over children, domestic violence, name changes, etc.
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Our top advocate in Visakhapatnam has successfully solved the issue related to criminal cases such as discharges, bail procedures, providing evidence, etc. Crime is treated as an offence to the nation; hence, our criminal advocates adhere to the Indian Penal Code, CRPC, etc., strictly.
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Civil cases usually occur when a struggle takes place between people or establishments, normally over cash. A civil suit begins with one party claiming that they have been harmed by using the movements of any other character or commercial enterprise. In such cases, our civil lawyers guide the clients according to the code of civil process standards.
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An appeal refers to a process where parties request a formal change to an official decision, and a higher authority reviews the cases. Broadly, there are three kinds of appeals: High Court Appeals, Low Court Appeal and Public Interest Litigation (PIL).

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